Dealer Contract

Vendor Hours:

Set-Up: New Year’s Eve Day: 11am – 6:00pm; New Year’s Day: 7am – 9:30am

Teardown: New Year’s Day: 4pm – 9pm

Show Hours: New Year’s Day: 10am – 4:00pm

70- 10 x 10 booth spaces are available for this Show. Each booth comes with one 8’ table, tablecloth, 1 chair, and 2 comp tickets. Other amenities such as additional tables and chairs and display cases, and electrical service, can be ordered through third-party vendors (information will be sent with your confirmed booth space(s) and Acceptance Package) and must be paid directly and in advance to these vendors).

Please indicate preferred location (See Attached Floor Plan):

[ ] Center Booth: 10’x10’ – $135

[ ] Corner Booth, Center Row: 10’ x 10’ – $150 [ ] Wall Booth: 10’ x 10’ – $150

First 10×10 is priced as per location; additional 10×10 spaces are available for $125 each.  Booths are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, although all preference for location will be given to our 2020 show vendors. Please provide several options in order of preference. We can make booth changes, if possible, whenever possible, up until December 1, 2021.